Why am I surprised? Racism is out the bag.

There was a pro-remain event on in Trafalgar Square tonight and I did not attend. I was simply on my way home – to be honest it was not brilliantly attended (think it was raining).

I was walking down the tube when I noticed a noisy couple walking down the street. The male started shouting “immigrants out, f*** off out my country, build a wall”. Someone tried to calm him – clearly not British but neither were they at event and the guy just kept shouting at him. It almost got to blows.

Remain/don’t remain doesn’t matter – for the moment the conservatives are not changing direction so what does any non racist supporter of leave have to fear nothing! Profanities, expletives and racism has no place here but it is rearing its ugly head! I have not since I was a teenager seen such direct and open abuse based on creed/nationality.

I don’t think any genuine voter would act like that individual and it is not fair to tarnish any side with his bigoted views. He was hiding behind the vote but nothing to do with it.

The thing that shocks me the most is I talk a good game but did not confront him myself. 

He was not a thug and was dressed smartly. Something is very wrong and I am very sad. I have seen it on social media and slowly coming out directly but London and this country is divided.

I hope our politicians start to give us some leadership soon or something bad will happen and more people will be hurt.

PS for those seeing this on Facebook we do need to get back to fun book but as I say this has nothing to do with politics.

One thought on “Why am I surprised? Racism is out the bag.

  1. This is not happening down here. And is disgusting. Some people don’t have a clue of right from wrong, or don’t care anyway.

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